Анна Ткаченко | Anna Tkachenko | 24.02.1994 | Украина, Луганск | +380930914842

Анна Ткаченко Anna Tkachenko мошенница брачного агенства !!! Scheme fraud:
https://www.travelgirls.com/member/3166365-Anna-girlHer photos are not real. She gave me her WhatsApp . She kept sending me lookalike photos that are easily detected on reverse image through yandex . I booked flights with photo of her passport I also send her 175euros through moneygram for travelling expenses by taxi from other city to airport. She took the money and dissapeared.Please suspend her before she scams more guys. I also can send all pictures fake she uses as well as her original passport photo and one probably original picture of hers.Any help would be very much appreciated. I hope to see her at least suspended from this site.Thank you in Advance

Samples of Анна Ткаченко Anna Tkachenko messages:
I want to come for maximum 2 weeks. Have been waiting for you but you dont seem interested. Can only do audio and Photos. Get the the tickets and i want need nothing more. i do not take the train. if you are ready for the money for transportation i will give you copy of my passport..
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