Мотренко Ольга Николаевна | Olha Motrenko | 02.01.1992 | Украина, Запорожье

Мотренко Ольга Николаевна Olha Motrenko . МОШЕННИЦА БРАЧНОГО АГЕНСТВА
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Howdy, my darling prince Jose! I am pleased to write to you in this Monday. I am very pleased to receive your sweet letter. I thank you for what you do not refuse to help me. I ask you to let me know when you send the necessary money, since I really need to know that I could inform the internship program when I repay my debt. And I was not removed from the program and I was able to come to you. Thank you for what you are doing our future a reality! Only because of you, very soon we will be able to feel the warmth and sweetness of our lips, can I come to you and whisper how much I love you! I want to look into your deep, filled with passion eyes. Closing your eyes, I imagine our first, the joint overnight. First, we'll drink a glass of fine wine or champagne. Then, I'll put you in a comfortable chair and start dancing for you lap dance striptease. I shall take the costume doctor. Are you ready to be my patient? I promise you it will not hurt, but on the contrary, I will try to give you maximum pleasure. Then, I will gently remove from your clothes, and we find ourselves in a lot of emotions, on our bed. I'll moan with pleasure and passion. At this point I would like to conclude my thoughts, to keep the suspense for our personal meeting. I can not live without you, my prince Jose. Without you in my life has no meaning. I promise you that I will do our life together beautiful. I'll always be faithful to you alone. Between us can not stand up any barriers. The most important thing is that we were able to build genuine, trusting relationships. Fate has allowed us to meet, and we did not miss this chance. I love you and I once again want to thank you for what you have not left me alone in this difficult, terrible situation. Thanks for your help. I will never forget your kindness. Have a good one.I look forward to your new email to me. Your sweet pussy, Olya! PS: Account for money transfer in $ USD.Intermediary Bank:  STANDART CHARTERED BANK,  NY, USA,  SWIFT: SCBLUS33Correspondent Bank:  ACC, 3562039831001  RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL AG  VIENNA, AUSTRIA  Address: Am Stadtpark 9, A-1030 VIENNA, AUSTRIA  SWIFT: RZBAATWWBeneficiary Bank:  ACC: 070-55.071.674  JSC UNEX BANK  KIEV, UKRAINE  SWIFT: UNJTUAUKBeneficiary:  ACC: UA243225390000026202090360001  Name: OLHA MOTRENKO  Address: Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Mykhayla Honcharenka Street 27A, apartment 806.01.2020

Мотренко Ольга Николаевна Olha Motrenko 


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